A Day Trip to Squamish and Whistler


Finally, Summer is cominggg!

Long winter has almost done. I’m looking forward to beautiful summer in Canada.

Btw, I’ve been to Squamish and Whistler as a day driving trip with my friends.

Cuz one of my friends was birthday, so it was kind of happy birthday trip:)

We used a Evo which is car share service, just like Times car-share in Japan.

You can take and drop-off a car anywhere by downloading app.

Let’s get started!!

This is my favorite point of living in Canada. We can drive through amazing rich nature on highway. It worth driving if you have Driver-license in Canada.

Our first destination was Shannon fall.

We got there and hiked 5mins.

It took us just an hour from North Vancouver. Can you believe you can see such a beautiful view only driving an hour from Vancouver.

It was long fall and combination of fall and sunshine made it attractive.

After that, we had lunch in the village of Squamish.

Sharing chicken wing and Poutine. Only one meal that I know about Canadian food is Poutine lol That’s it lol

I forgot to take picture of it….

Small Market

Taking photos with huge mountain. I’ve never seen such a big mountain when I was in Japan.

There were bunch of restaurant and cute cafe in Squamish. I highly recommend killing time before you head to Whistler or somewhere north of BC.

Arrived to Whistler!!

Frist of all, we got famous ice cream which is COWS.

I went with Moonicorn flavor made by cotton candy with blue frosting swirl and sprinkles. Yes, super sweeeet.

Right after eating ice cream, we ate dinner lol The order is backwards.

This place is El Furniture Warehouse where my colleague recommended to me.

Just $10.95 per a burger. Good deal, right?

Great vibes, meal and price, without a doubt, 10 out of 10!

There’s also an Olympic monument.

On the way back, we stopped at a spot with spectacular view.

Took a tons of pictures at here 😉

Thanks to friends who is a good photographer.

Am I dancing?lol

I realized that no matter how big challenging or difficulty I have, the sight of pure nature makes me believe that I will be okay.

It give me huge power and motivate me up, like “I’m fine, I will overcome everything.”

I think everyone has worries and anxieties. And it could be about the future or about work, it depends on person.

Sometimes it can bother you for a long time or drain your energy.

And there may be times when you think you will never get over it.

And you might look at social media and compare yourself to those who are successful.

When that happens, I want you to stop looking at your phone and turn your attention to the vastness of nature.

And tell yourself, “It will work out, OK”

Difficult situations are not so easy to change, but if you just believe in yourself, it can gradually change for the better.

Just tell yourself “Everything’s gonna be fine.”

Spectacular nature will help make you positive.

If you are tired of living, take a drive and get some power from nature. 
That is the human way of life.