Highly recommend “Granville Island”


In this article, I’ll introduce Granville Island in Vancouver.

Granville Island is located on the edge of downtown under the Granville Street Bridge.

When I went there at the first time, I was like “OMG, It’s my cup of my tea!”

Everything was fashionable, cute and beautiful. I was so impressed.

It feels like you’re in different country, where you can shop, chilling out and enjoy a lot in one day:)

I’ll write the charm of Granville Island from my perspective.

I bet you love it!!

Artistic town

There are many colorful and unique shops, so it is like “Artistic town in Europ.”

You can see an Art exhibition and art studio.

What a cute drawing.

I went into the shop without thinking cuz I’m crazy about this kind of retro design.

And I bought a post card for Mother’s Day.

I’m into collecting post cards. It’s fun to send postcards in an age when everyone can use e-mail:)

Omg, this signpost creates awesome atmosphere.

Take a break at the cafe If you get tired of walking.

This cafe is “Off the Tracks”

Free library box is interesting for me cuz we don’t have this culture in Japan.

Sometimes I saw the free library box in Toronto and Vancouver. I want it in Japan!!

City view & chilling place

You can look at city view from the edge of island during eating lunch.

People are talking and eating lunch they bought from market at terrace tables.

Buying ice cream from a stall and eating it while looking at the city view in summertime is no greater happiness than this!

“popina” Hundreds and Thousands flavor

Not only city view also chilling place!
People tend to sleep or sit on the grass.

Super cozy place, so I have read a book while lying on the grass.

I recently started reading this book and it’s surprisingly easy to read.
Please try it if you’re interest in.


Public market is one of the most special places on Granville Island.

It is very busy there and you can buy everything from fresh fruit to vegetables and meat.

Bunch of people in the market.

Miscellaneous goods and snack too.

A shop full of childhood dreams lol

It’s attached some restaurant, so you can buy something to eat.

This is popular donuts shop which is “Lee’s Donuts”

Lots of flavors, $2 each! Great bang for your buck:)

Anything else, there are many unique shops you can’t see other place such as

Broom shop! Like Harry potter, can I fly? lol

and Japanese sake shop:)

Made in Vancouver! Oh, I miss Japanese sake…

That’s my cup of tea “Granville Island”, but I couldn’t write all about it, so please visit there!

It would become your favorite place.