Background of English education system/英語教育について感じたこと


Recently, I often have discussion and role-play in college classes, and I think that foreigners are good at expressing their opinions.

Especially Latinos, Americans, etc.

It’s like they are used to discussion, they have had many discussions since they were students, presentation as well.

So, expressing their own opinion is the core of English education, and I have the impression that they were learning English as a communication tool.

English education in Japan is mainly focus on reading and grammar, and English is considered to be used in university entrance exams and job-hunting.

Not much focus on communication. This is Japanese English education system.

I already knew there is that difference and English education in Japan is changing little by little.

I don’t want to criticize Japanese education system because it has its advantages as well.

Just I want to think about background, like why there are differences in English education.

Geographical problem

One of the reason is the geographical problem.

Japan is an far east island country with no borders to other countries, so the number of tourists and international students is limited.

There are almost no opportunities to speak English in everyday life.

The problem of this English environment is also related to the political problem of not accepting immigrants.

I guess the reason why English education in Japan has not focus on communication is that even if they learn English speaking skill, there is no environment to use it.

Historical problem

History of Japan’s past isolationism is also related to English education.

From the 17th century to the 19th century, Japan closed its borders and restricted exchanges with foreign countries.

During this period, learning foreign language, culture and communicating with foreign was restricted in Japan, which affect the development of English education.

What if Japan have opened at that period, could Japan have become a more global country?

Who know.

But we could think also Japan’s unique culture have developed thanks to isolation.

Another major historical factor is that Japan is the only country in Asia that have not been colonized by other countries.

The history of colonization has a lot to do with language education.

The above is what I consider from own perspective.

Living in Canada, I feel many cultural difference, so I’m gonna continue to write about it in my own words on my blog.