Life is hard but it means a lot to live


This is kind of a casual essay. Just because I wanna write about this topic at the end of year.

I’m just caught in a moment now.

It’s not a dark and deep story; more like a hopeful essay.

So please feel free to read it:)

Recently, I was thinking that “Life is hard, it’s a lot”

Not just me but y’all.

Working, getting your own salary, living…. we experience many difficult and challenging times in life.

There are a lot of things not doing well, more than we expected.

And we get stress or depression or stuff like that.

But we need to deal with such invisible things somehow in order to stay alive.

That’s a lot, right?

Moreover, living in a country that is not your native homeland, especially, is extremely challenging.

We should survive in the environment where has different language, culture and religion.

It’s not easy as everyone can imagine.

Also, people living in their own countries must have been nervous about their jobs and human relationships and stuff like that. I know it’s hard.

But we have overcome many hardships and lived to this day.

What I’d like to mention here is

We did a great job guys.”

Literally we did such a good job in 2023, even though we were struggling with many things.

We need to be proud of ourselves who have been living in the turbulence of 2023.

Living is not an easy thing. It’s something wonderful and meaningful.

In my case, I suffered so much in 2023 such as study, work, English, future and so on.

When it comes to work, I changed a couple of time.

And each time, I had to relearn the rules and specialized knowledge that I didn’t know.

It was a pain…lol

In terms of English, I sometimes felt like “Has my English skill improved?”

or like ”No matter how hard study English, I’m afraid it may not improve any further?”

And then I was like I’m miserable, I wanna run away somewhere.

(Not every time liker that lol Just when I felt down on rare occasions)

However, I continued to work hard and study every single day. Even now.

Good job me:)

I think everyone has similar situation. Everyone must have overcome various challenges and coming up on the end of year.

Furthermore, we gained great experiences and knowledge in 2023, didn’t we?

That’s why the title of this article is

“Life is hard but it means a lot to live”

Does it make sense to you guys?

I hope you understand what I’m trying to say lol

Last but not least, I was struggling with a lot of stuff but, at the same time, I was feeling I was really happy and lucky to try somethings that I want to in Canada.

I know, in 2024, the hard things would happen, but I believe we’ll get a lot out of it.

Everything that happens to us has meaning and becomes part of us.

I hope y’all stay healthy and happy next year


I’d be really happy if you guys stay tuned to this Blog next year:)

See u in the next year’s article~~
Bye bye 2023!!