Laid-back life on the English Bay beach


I noticed something after I came to Canada. It’s how important laid-back life is.

I headed to English Bay beach last weekend to watch sunset and I saw a amazing sight at that spot.

On Friday evening, when it was still working time in Japan, the beach was filled with people watching the sunset.

It was like Summer festa is starting.

The day was just regular Friday.

People were chilling out during talking to friends or family, playing beach volleyball and also enjoying the relaxing time while listening to music on speaker.

I’ve never seen so many people gather on the beach just to watch the sunset like this in Japan.

Japanese tend to work until at 7pm-ish on Friday and then go to Japanese bar “Izakaya” with co-worker.

I know that is also fun, getting drunk, going to Karaoke and eating ramen to call it a night.

But I think it’s important to be stress- free, watching the sunset with someone you care a lot about without spending a lot of money.

Good way to spend your time at this time looking back on things that made you happy the day, little regret, thinking about doing your best tomorrow and so on, isn’t it?

I know that Vancouver, where nature and the city merge, is the place to spend this lifestyle. It’s difficult for Japanese to find a place like this in Japan.

But what I want to say is we need to have the mindset to lead a laid-back life.