The Books I recently read


When I was in Japan, I was kind of book worm.

Technically, after graduating uni I obsessed with reading in my free time.

I feel like I’m escaping from reality while reading a book.

Especially, when I was exhausted from intense work I somehow wanted to travel to the world in the book.

This is how I deal with stress.

In this article, I introduce about books I recently read.

In rainy Vancouver, I encourage you to spend your time indoors reading a book.


My first choice is “BIG MAGIC”.

“Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert is a guide to living a more creative life.

Gilbert, known for her bestseller “Eat, Pray, Love,”

She shares her perspective on how to live a more fulfilling, creative life by confronting fear, embracing curiosity.

Whenever you take on a creativity challenge, you will have to face with various type of fear.

This book will give you a kick in the back at such times.

And Gilbert believes in the importance of creating for the joy of it rather than solely for success or recognition.

Creative ideas come from fun and freedom. Creative ideas do not come from being tied down by anything.

I see that this book is also published in Japanese translation.
I haven’t yet Japanese version tho.

It’s A must-read book for anyone hoping to live a creative life.

Tales from the cafe

Tales from the cafe is a novel.

This book was originally published in Japan as “この嘘がばれないうちに” by Toshikazu Kawaguchi.

It is series of “Before the Coffee Gets Clod”(コーヒーが冷めないうちに)

I’m huge fun of this series!

Kawaguchi weaves a narrative that explores the complexities of love, regret and nostalgia.

This series is a collection of short stories connected by a mysterious cafe where customers can revisit moments from their past.

Everyone has some regrets in life.
And you think, “If only I could go back in time.”

The mysterious café in this book has a seat that is rumored to be able to take you back to the past.

But there are many tricky rules for going back to the past.

Do you still want to go back to the past?

The story begins like this.

Tales from the cafe focuses on lies and human life.

Lies and death are often perceived in a negative light.

However, with one’s way of thinking, lies and death can have a positive impact on people.

This book taught me that.

Recommended for those who want to shed beautiful tears.

Before you read this, please read the first book in the series, ”Before the Coffee Gets Cold”

Before Your Memory Fades

Same series as “Tales from the cafe”

Japanese name is “思い出が消えないうちに”

It is a book that brings tears to my eyes no matter how many times I read it because of the preciousness of human life.

setting is same as “Tales from the cafe”

It is a story of some people who, for one reason or another, want to return to the past in the mysterious café.

Theme of this book is

“What if the world were ending tomorrow?”

It may sound cliche,

You’ll understand the depth of this cliche after you’ve read them.

And “People are always born for the sake of happiness”

This is a book that literally makes you think about these words deeply.

Meet Me at the Lake

It is Romance novel “Meet at the Lake” by Carley Fortune.

This story is set in Toronto. (That’s why I chose :D)

”Meet again one year later”
a promise made ten years ago between boy and girl, one who kept it and one who broke it.
The story begins when these two reunite for the first time in ten years.

The story moves back and forth between the present and 10 years ago.

Cleverly interchanged timelines and their feelings.

Once you start reading, you will be hooked on this book.

These are books I recently read and presented without spoilers.

If you are not comfortable reading books or not get used to reading in English,

I recommend that you start with a novel that you have read once in your native language.
(In my case, it was series of “Before the Coffee Gets Clod”)

If you know the content, you can easily understand it and enjoy reading it in English.

This will lead to a sense of self-assurance that “I can read an English book!!”

That is the first place in making reading fun.

If you are interested in these books I presented, pick it up 😉

See you in the next article, bye bye~!